mama. new maxi-single "ドグラマグラ" (Dogra Magra) release

mama. new maxi-single “ドグラマグラ” (Dogra Magra) will be released at 2021/08/18

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Mei turning into mamo

rands only good song outliving their own lifespan and getting picked up by nobody bands, omg we stan!

I hope the b-sides for this are titled MADARA, マザー, and 『LAST SCENE』

Looks good to me although I wish they played some of the actual song… Unless that is part of the song in which case sounds interesting, really love the atmosphere/vibe.

01.ドグラマグラ (Dogra Magra)
02.正直者は馬鹿を見る (Shoujikimono wa Baka wo Miru)
04.水平線 (Suihensen)


Cool song !

2 Likes This guy started translating the book into English and quit at some point.

Not really feeling this song, gives me horrific visions of future anime ending tie-in deals, lol.

Gonna check out the single tho. :slight_smile:

Not on iTunes yet for some reason.

theyre probably doing the delayed digital release thing because this one actually got a physical release, either way i couldnt wait for it so i got it physically lmao

Nice, kinda wish I knew how long the delay will be so I can figure out if I should buy it physically or wait to buy it digitally, wouldn’t want to buy a physical copy only for it to come out digitally the next day or something.