mamo (ex-R指定 (R-shitei)) new band, "夕暮れガールスーサイド" (Yuugure GIRL SUICIDE) has formed

mamo (ex-R指定 (R-shitei)) new band, “夕暮れガールスーサイド” (Yuugure GIRL SUICIDE) has formed on Christmas and they will hold their first demo live on 3/17 at Ikebukuro Edge.

their first digital single, “夕焼け幸子” has been released on 1/1

Vo.mamo (ex-ZAKURO (ザクロ) → Kurodenwa (黒電話) → Amano JACK (雨乃ジャック) → CATHELINE (キャサリン) → R-15 → R-Shitei (R指定) → currently in Ainiku no Ame。 (生憎の雨。))
Gt.taka (ex-MIO YAMAZAKI (ミオヤマザキ))
Ba.yoshi (ex-ANOTHER AGE 6696 → Ravens Nest → -KiLiK- → GAARA (ガアラ) → CATFIST → YATAGARASU (ヤタガラス) → CATFIST → solo)


This man is ridiculous.

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Another new band?

Bassist from CATFIST?

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wait r-shitei broke up ? :open_mouth: wtf?

actually they’re on hiatus

Lolicon king returned




Seems like they aren’t coming back anytime soon. Altho fitting title for a mamo band.

I really enjoyed the song but the actual visuals are so tasteless.
Well actually only Mamo but man

Man, mamo and taka really like this “menhera” high school girl shit. It’s quite pathetic that these two 40 years old man build their whole career and identity as teenage menhera school girl and trying to milk it to the last drop.

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Knowing what I know about mamo’s past (which is not a lot but enough to be informed), I wonder if this high school aesthetic is in part tied to a larger part of their culture. When I look at that picture, I can’t help but think of all the countless, nameless anime that took place in a high school, and that includes DDLC. I get big Yuri weekend vibes from these visuals, and Japanese coming-of-age anime love the high school setting and high school age characters, even if neither are near each other at any point in time. I wonder what the concept of this band is.


He’s just an average pedo, as every middle aged japanese creep who watch anime, or that creepy fans of underage idols…

I mean I figured that, but I was speaking more from the fact that he can still market this despite his history. You know what I mean?