Marvelous Cruelty new CD "DEMO ARCHIVE" release

Marvelous Cruelty new CD “DEMO ARCHIVE” will be released at 2023/08/08.

It is a compilation CD of songs that will not be recorded again in the future. Most of the songs are different versions of the Demo and some rearranged. It will be available at the performance that same day.

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CD TrackList:


Surprise: a total of 0 people. They have at least 80 original songs and always end up working with the same 1 to 10.
These songs even already have the Demo -(singing under the shower) version- :sleepy:

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New Bonus CD “離別(2023)” will be released at 2023/09/03.

It will be delivered with the purchase of the event ticket.

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For the purchase of more than 5000yen on October 13 you will receive the 18th Demo “Title TBD”.


New CD “DEMO ARCHIVE+” will be released at 2023/10/23.

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it’s a fun band to follow if you live in the Osaka area and can attend but wow just a headache to collect everything otherwise lol

curious about this archive cd tho

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New distributed song “Malformed Psychology” will be released at 2023/12/01.

^The song “Malformed Psychology” is from Lost Angel, Kaina’s previous project.


I knew it when I 1st seen that commented on it before I knew what it was but I also felt unsure. Yukina instincts have been messing with me lately