Out of the few tanbi visual kei bands that I was exposed to on Youtube, Megaromania was truly my first visual kei band when I knew what the fuck it even was. Starting in 2008 under UNDER CODE PRODUCTION and disbanding the same year the label went under in 2013, the band stayed true to their dark visual roots while evolving from a classic kote sound to a melodic metal sound that got with the current times.

Vo.Sui (ex.Metis Gretel, now in David, CULA)
Gt.Misery (ex.Metis Gretel)
Gt.Chikage (ex.STELLA…)
Ba.Hyoga (ex.Homura)
Dr.Yushi (ex.Monokuro Kinema)

Dr.Leda (ex.Hannya)


I absolutely LOVE Megaromania. They were one of my favorite bands back then! I got into them when they came out in 2008. My favorite song is probably APOCALPYSE. I really miss them.


APOCALPYSE is amazing and the PV of of the single was my favorite Video by them :purple_heart:

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I love them god of megaromania might be my favorite visual kei song ever.


my fav release is Aurora-Destines Of World-. all four tracks are instrumentally technically great :grin:
also love the tribute singles “君ヲ乗セテ” and “[6]party” since I’m a fan of both Vidoll and 12012.


Eternal love to Megaromania! <3

My top band ever, my fav songs are Oath-cross of eternity-, Sense of wing and A prelude to Glint.

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