Mejibray MV DVD's Question

Can anyone tell me if the Mejibray MV DVD’s that come with the “A Type” of their various CD releases have more than just the MV on it? Seems like some (or all?) also contain a ‘making of’ segment at the end of each one. Anyone know which releases contain this extra content and which contain just the MV?

I’m trying to complete my collection, so looking for info on which of these I’ll need. I already have both “SM” collections which contain most of the MV’s, but will buy the individual Type A singles if the DVD also contains extra content beyond just the MV


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This version of 420 has Echo mv as well as making of.
I don’t know if it has some different type assigned to it.
I bought it as a deluxe/limited cd

MEJIBRAY discography | MEJIBRAYディスコグラフィ | vkgy (ブイケージ) this is disco filtered with just singles should be easier then going through everything.

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As I own most of MEJIBRAY type A CD’s I can tell that some of them did have a making of and some didn’t.

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