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Hello! Recently, I’ve grown exhausted of more traditional forms of social media and have found myself on various blogs and forums instead. Jrock One happening to be my most recent excursion.

I’ve been into visual kei for roughly 2 years but Jrock as a whole for around 7. I have … a lot of favorite bands… so this list will definitely be missing a few due to my poor memory lol.

Hideto Matsumoto and all of his work (X Japan, Spread Beaver, Zilch, etc.), Metis Gretel, Schwardix Marvally, La’Mule, Femme Fatale, Dir En Grey, Petit Brabancon, Sukekiyo, Deadman, Plastic Tree, Deviloof, AvelCain, Mucc, Versailles, Lareine, Kaya, GPKism, Nightmare, The Back Horn, Tube, P-Model, Yellow Magic Orchestra, The Pillows, Acid Mother’s Temple, and so many others that I will most likely remember much later

I will do my best to be as active as possible, but I am currently working towards my certifications in nursing as well as majoring in computer science, so I tend to be quite busy! I look forward to meeting you all nonetheless.


Welcome to JRO :sparkles:

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that sounds great.

Also welcome on the forum. Nice to have you here.

Thank you!

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Thank you so much!