MEME new digital single "糜爛の月-ReBirth-(Biran no Tsuki)" release

MEME new digital single “糜爛の月-ReBirth-” will be released in December 2022.

Remember that the previous project has a song with the same name. Will it be a new version?


Oh cool, so it’s a re-recording of his old song. :smiley:

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PLEAASE GIVE US A RERECORDING OF THIS BOP, UGH I love this song. It’s so nostalgic

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Ksjdensndbjdej fkkkkk WHATTTT!!! This was my favorite song from The 3rd brithday. Please be a re-record.

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I, who still play this single in entirety at least once a month D:



honestly I can only imagine this becoming only a subpar version of this masterpiece
Meme had some very good song writen but the mastering and all was a lot better in his full bands.
But with him just rerecording an old track it won’t bring anything worth of the table.
(my view of course)


I feel like this could bring some of his old fan base probably. For like more fans and recognition and stuff. In some ways it’s a cash grab tbh.

Release: 2022/12/25

Oh wow it is a re-recording. I like the original better so far but danm the song still hits hard. I definitly wanna see the full version to give my opininon