MiMi (ex-THE VELVET) first album, "XXXX" release

MiMi (ex-THE VELVET) first album, “XXXX” (2200 yen) will be released at his live at Higashi Koenji 20,000V on 1/23 and it is currently available for preorder on Jishuban Club. It will also be made available on MiMi’s Mercari shop on the day of release.


  1. GHOST
  2. 共犯者
  3. アブラカダブラ
  4. 五月雨に消えた
  5. 32123p
  6. 灰色の世界 (ReMix)
  7. 13月の天使
  8. ラストダンス (NewTake)
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