MinstreliX new album "11 Trajectories" release

MinstreliX 5th album “11 Trajectories” will be released at 2021/09/29.

“MinstreliX” members:
Vocal: Leo Figaro
Guitar: Takao
Drums: Ochoco

1.To The Distant Skies
2.Memento Mori〜The Goddess Pt.2〜
3.The Eternal Journey
4.In Oblivion
5.Invisible World
7.Frozen Promise
8.Black Eyes
11.Twilight Recollection


- can we grab some over the fucking top nasal matenrou opera at the drivethrough?

- we have over the fucking top nasal matenrou opera at home, silly ~

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I was kind of digging the guitar solo at the beginning (even though i find it weird how he transitioned from rhythm to lead in the PV) but the vocals just killed all my interest.

Also, they could use some more members.