MIRAGE new live-limited single "MIST" release

MIRAGE new live-limited single “MIST” will be released at 2022/07/30. (CD+T-shirt) (5,500¥)


It will be mail order too

I’m listening to their new album right now. It’s good. Was never really into them, although I liked Akira when he was with Adeil, and have liked most of Kisaki’s bands so I was curious enough to listen to the clips, and liked what I heard enough to buy the album.



bruuuuh that is so pretty :two_hearts:

the CD+shirt (size L) set is up for preorder at CDJapan! It will be released on 4/26

Has anyone heard the single? Are there clips up anywhere?

Nope. Seems to be very little interest or promo around this Mirage v3.0, including from the members themselves. Weird.