Making a thread for this really cool looking 90s vk worship band. I really liked Crucifixion’s music and Futarishizuka’s vocals so I’m really hyped about this band

Vo.二人静 (futarishizuka) (ex-Villeyge → Pretty Neurosis → Doku yori CHOCO (毒よりチョコ) → CLEHA KINEMA (クレハキネマ) → MaRiLL → Musette*Minette , → Crucifixion)
Gt.摎邪 (kuja) (ex-Shellde:vice → ROSARY (ロザリー) → DeathMania → BLOODY VALENTINE → MISSA → Crucifixion → FerrisWheeL )
Gt.類歌 (ruika) (ex-NARCOLEPSY (ナルコレプシィ) on guitar → NARCOLEPSY (ナルコレプシィ) on vocals and guitar , → Chinori to Houtai (血糊と包帯) support , #PAROLE (#パロル) support , → glass D’Aria , Wakuraba (病葉) on support bass)
Ba.伊緒 (iori) (ex-CARNELIAN (カーネリアン) → Magna support → MAGNA (マグナ) → RounoiЯ support → BALLAD (バラッド) support → AIRA (愛飴羅) support → TOMODACHI (トモダチ) → Rin-hitoe (凜ひとえ) → Mis†ake → Benizemi (紅蝉) support → Benizemi (紅蝉) , NOBEL LABEL (ノベルラベル) support → FerrisWheeL, Rasen)
Dr.聖涙 (seina) (Schizophrenica (as -Kouki-))

2022-02-19 - requiem (Cassette)
2022-02-19 - パラノイア (Cassette)
2022-02-19 - 13番目ノ悲愴ナル結末 (Cassette)

Their tapes have been selling on mercari for super high prices


I just hope that sooner or later they’ll make their music available digitally too… cuz judging by that lineup it should be pretty good!


They seem like they’d be cool :joy: Hopefully I’ll get a chance to hear them eventually.

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Does this just contain the first and second tapes?