Making a thread for this really cool looking 90s vk worship band. I really liked Crucifixion’s music and Futarishizuka’s vocals so I’m really hyped about this band

Vo.二人静 (futarishizuka) (ex-Villeyge → Pretty Neurosis → Doku yori CHOCO (毒よりチョコ) → CLEHA KINEMA (クレハキネマ) → MaRiLL → Musette*Minette , → Crucifixion)
Gt.摎邪 (kuja) (ex-Shellde:vice → ROSARY (ロザリー) → DeathMania → BLOODY VALENTINE → MISSA → Crucifixion → FerrisWheeL )
Gt.類歌 (ruika) (ex-NARCOLEPSY (ナルコレプシィ) on guitar → NARCOLEPSY (ナルコレプシィ) on vocals and guitar , → Chinori to Houtai (血糊と包帯) support , #PAROLE (#パロル) support , → glass D’Aria , Wakuraba (病葉) on support bass)
Ba.伊緒 (iori) (ex-CARNELIAN (カーネリアン) → Magna support → MAGNA (マグナ) → RounoiЯ support → BALLAD (バラッド) support → AIRA (愛飴羅) support → TOMODACHI (トモダチ) → Rin-hitoe (凜ひとえ) → Mis†ake → Benizemi (紅蝉) support → Benizemi (紅蝉) , NOBEL LABEL (ノベルラベル) support → FerrisWheeL, Rasen)
Dr.聖涙 (seina) (Schizophrenica (as -Kouki-))

2022-02-19 - requiem (Cassette)
2022-02-19 - パラノイア (Cassette)
2022-02-19 - 13番目ノ悲愴ナル結末 (Cassette)

Their tapes have been selling on mercari for super high prices


I just hope that sooner or later they’ll make their music available digitally too… cuz judging by that lineup it should be pretty good!


They seem like they’d be cool :joy: Hopefully I’ll get a chance to hear them eventually.

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Does this just contain the first and second tapes?

After hearing everything by them it’s an excellent love letter to Madeth gray’ll and Fuji’s vocals are still good, but not in that level of Crucifixion, but that’s because that’s two different bands with different sounds.

we stan real queens \m/

Sorry late response, it was a different song and also had no SE, I think it was only distributed at their first live while the other 2 were sold at other lives as well but not sure.

Yup, it is a privilege tape distributed (for free - one per ticket) at the same show where their first two demotapes got released. Later re-pressed with an SE.

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Their 2023 releases have been better than their 2022 releases imo, I’m hyped for the future of this band

Yes, everything they have released in CD format is very well produced. The demotapes sounded good, but seemed too generic atm.

I wonder who is the composer of this band, Kuja has been in better bands in the past. Hopefully they can find the balance point!


No this is a entirely different release with a new song, they have also released a 2nd press version of this you can buy at their live shows still called 13番目ノ・・・. Which is a just a different recording of 13番目ノ悲愴ナル結末 with a new SE which is pretty good.

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