MIYAVI and BAND-MAID appear in new flick "KATE"

Judging from the trailer, MIYAVI’s role is prominent and respectable enough to receive a fight scene with Mary Elizabeth who plays the character Kate. His face—and even back tattoos—can clearly be seen brightly.

As for BAND-MAID, they appear in their usual shape as a band and set the mood in an underground concert, standing as the centerpiece.


tbh what a good testament of his current music career’s state that even bored netflix producers don’t consider anything worth giving a chance to promote abroad if they got some spotlight for band fucking maid

rip girl


Honestly curious about how good his action scenes are gonna be.


Way to smash the Japanese Patriarchy :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I’m curious about the Miyavi scenes too, but I predict some potentially cringey outcomes.

I also like BAND-MAID, so curious to see how their scene will play.

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Might be good for an inebriated watch one time with some friends.

The next LDH artist who acts for something from Netflix.
I saw people on twitter roasting the movie already, becaue the yakuza has barley any relevance nowadays.
I think that Band Maid will just have some seconds of actual onscreen time, staying there as band on stage.


Yeah, I think that Band Maid will serve the same purpose as Cannibal Corpse in Ace Ventura. Just a background element in some scene.

“ An assassin, after learning that she has only 24 hours left to live after being poisoned, goes on a manhunt through the streets of Tokyo and befriends the young daughter of a past target.”

I don’t care if Miyavi or Band-Maid are in this, this movie sounds BORING AF. Netflix has been on a losing streak lately with their quote unquote Netflix Originals. This movie sounds like any other half baked spy/assassin/soldier movie.


Waiting for Hollywood to stop setting their action movies in Tokyo for Neon Mafia Aesthetic Purposes. Also not a fan of the sassy gen z kid, but my friends have now added this to weekly movie night. :sob: