MIYAVI and MELODY welcome third child & announcement of work on NEW ALBUM

MIYAVI has announced that his wife has given birth to their first son Skyler on 2/24. He has also revealed he has already begun work on a new album:


ummm very impressive fertility anyway why didn’t the happy couple just call him Chad while they were at it?

@local miyavi stans - are their other children named Karen and Lakynn?


His daughters are named Lovelie and Jewelie… I didn’t expect such white names from Asian parents. Ngl it gives me hope to name my future kid after a bandomen even though they probably won’t be Japanese (maybe?)


Two new releases: an album and a child


imagine having miyavi as your dad :relieved:

I do this a lot :confused:

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his kids are all gorgeous, but there’s not a single good name amongst them.


we’re less than ten years away from their idol duo “the miyavis” debuting through sunkrad…


if he doesn’t grow up to be a skater boy then-- :woman_shrugging:

Names tell so much about the parents and those are all awful names.

Who wouldn’t do the same with a husband like Miyavi and an endless supply of money :hugs: I thought Lovelie was a cute name, Jewelie is on brand and then just white-ass Skyler?


i can’t wait for the family band :rofl:

I crackedT the code, omg:

Melody has three sisters: Christine Saimo, who goes by KURIS in the Japanese music industry and who also resides in Tokyo; and Harmony and Rhythmy, who live in the United States.

it's gonna be like this soon:

- Why are you filling the name change paperwork, miss Ishihara?

- My celeb parents called me Djaywellrighie.

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