MIYAVI new single "Strike It Out" release

MIYAVI has released a new digital single titled “Strike It Out” on 2022/01/11 which is also the opening theme song for the anime “TRIBE NINE”.

The CD edition will be released on 2022/03/23 which includes a coupling song and instrumental versions (4 tracks in total).


Oh, this is for that thing Kazutaka Kodaka from Danganronpa is doing.


she doing synthpop in 2022… I have no words

this is so unbelievably cringe


The song is so auto-tuned I barely would’ve known it was him singing unless I looked at the title of the video.

Let’s just face it - Miyavi is 100% a clout chaser and we will never get Jibun Kakumei -2023-.
His music, ever since switching to different major labels every other album or two after “What’s My Name”, has been the same chords and melodies. He is the true definition of “boring music”. He’s lost his creativity. I would rather listen to BAROQUE’s “Planetary Secret” on repeat.


:sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping: :sleeping:

I just want to listen to a new Miyavi track one day and go… Wow, I wasn’t expecting that.


there was a label merger or something (I think EMI went out of business, and universal purchased whatever Japanese assets they had? I might be wrong), he likely has been with the same team after parting ways with Tomomi.

I’m still appaled how bland and lifeless his stuff became with this.

I don’t understand what’s the point of pushing a 40 year old who used to be exceptionally good at guitarwork to make vocaloid music that any high school babby can do better and with more appeal for the teenagers over there. I’m so lost.


you nearly cannot hear the guitars
without any focus on guitar this could easily have been made by anyone.
this is personally complete waste


  1. Strike It Out
  2. Dumb
  3. Strike It Out (Instrumental)
  4. Dumb(Instrumental)

At least the song titles are suiting.

they are the same shoes that yukihiro wears in Petitbra :rofl:

not sure if he is trying to be TMR or TK but I like it so I won’t complain

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I really like this song, but I love basic pop/rock tracks as much as I like weird shit, so I’m not exactly the best bar for this.

At least it’s not completetly in English again? But yeah, feels very TMR-ish and has waaaay too much autotune

Btw, does anyone know what happened to his “company” J-GLAM? The homepage still exists http://www.j-glam.net and they don’t list any bands, but only services:

“1. Artist Management Services
2. Artist Development
3. Global Tour Production
4. Product Development
5. Sponsorships/Endorsements
6. Digital Media Management
7. Music Publishing
8. Public Relations”

The guitar is basically a prop at this point. 98% of that video is him just posing with it… And then in the final 20 seconds he decides to do a solo, but it’s drowned out by the techno stuff anyway. EDM/Techno has not ruined any other musician nearly as much as it has with Miyavi. Originally a guitarist first and singer second, which was endearing… And now he’s deluded himself into thinking he’s a great singer.

I saw this thread and clicked on in it thinking it was a new song. Then I saw my reply from earlier… That’s how forgettable this is.


He doesn’t think he’s a great singer though, that’s the weird part. He’s downright cocky about his guitar playing, but I definitely remember him talking about how little confidence he has in his singing last time I saw him live, and it wasn’t that long ago.

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Well, I mean J-Glam is still listed on his OHP so I feel like it may still be active, but his OHP hasn’t really been updated since his “Imaginary” era. But that really hasn’t been that long ago.

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DUMB sounds like a francois sagat solo song which I guess is an upgrade from amanda lepor-kei that Skolnik typically c&p shits out for him on the recent horrible albums.

myv’s current contract is with LDH, same management agency that has exile and a bunch of no1curr cringe, universal website no longer lists his releases after imaginaryless. I lowkey have no hopes for the remainder of his career, if he couldn’t grow up to be a sound producer or retire for modelling and acting entirely he’d jump on every dated sound fad out there (dumb really is serrrrrrrving 2005 in a “we ran out of ideas from last decade and half and our manager hates metal, send help” way)

this is his new record label according to music credits for squirt it out btw, which confirms he parted ways with universal

ARTIST | Purple One Star - for whatever reason they didn’t bother adding him to their artist lineup yet.