Mono new album "OATH" release

Mono new album “OATH” will be released at 2024/06/14


Super excited for that one :white_heart:

Nice, will check it out.

it’ll be mid but that’s ok, cool that they still churn out work.

Also hopefully they’ll do another big round of touring! They’re an incredible live act and cover a lot of ground, highly recommended

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There’s an “OATH World Tour” tab on their website! No dates yet, but it’s definitively coming.

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DAMN! They just announced an Orchestral European Tour! Can’t wait for that one, it’ll be glorious.

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The Utrecht date is tempting!

Berlin :tada:

An EP containing four tracks previewing Oath has appeared on streaming services

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Presale for the Tickets for the European leg is live

The triptych version (remix?) of Oath is pretty cool, and the rest is nice. If they strike the right balance with the electronic and orchestral elements, this could be better than their last few efforts. Looking forward to hearing the rest!

Edit: by “their last few efforts” I meant Nowhere Now Here back through the sister albums they released around 2014. I somehow entirely missed Pilgrimage of the Soul. Listening now & it’s not too shabby

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