Most uncomfortable yet overall harmless situation you've ever been in?

Mine is somebody who was a customer of mine on Twitter (I did Live2D rigging commissions back when my laptop was in tact). So my friend who happened to be black joked about “giving me the n word pass” once so I tweeted out, “Y’all somebody just gave me the n word pass lol”. And everyone in the replies were having fun and laughing around, but then my customer came up and got offended. Literally went on a whole ass campaign tryna cancel me. Luckily, she didn’t succeed. Needless to say, I viewed English Twitter differently since then.

Now what’s yours?

So… decades ago we used to have alot tourist that come to our (now abandoned) gazebo and would’ve a touring guide with them. one time, i lied to my parents that i speak fluent english, so when they bring this one guy from switzerland (iirc) along with his then 4 year old son, i just using my GTA San Andreas vocab, with alot f-word and assholes in there as well (i didn’t remember ever saying the n-word however) not harmless. (since it might affect the vocabulary of now 11 yrs old son) but uncomfortable nontheless, Especially now that i had an almost perfect grasp at english thanks to the afromentioned tour guide (Still struggling at Grammar and Punctuation however)

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Lmao oof

I went to Bulgaria with a friend. She speaks bulgarian. We walk around a not very busy street and a guy approaches us. She says he want’s us to try some chocolate and fill out a survey how it tastes. I am skeptical but she is confident and we follow them inside a building…
Can you guess what comes next? … Correct, we tried chocolate, fill out a survey and leave.

Still I would never do something like that again. That could have been so dangerous. What were we thinking???