Movie about hide's (X JAPAN) manager/brother to debut this year

Based on the nonfiction novel “Kyodai Tsuioku no hide” by Hiroshi Matsumoto (published April 15, 2010 by Kodansha). Hiroshi Matsumoto was the younger brother of musician Hide and his personal manager. Hide was the former member of rock band “X Japan” and “Hide with Spread Beaver.” Hide passed away on May 2, 1998.

Hiroshi (Tsubasa Imai) was the younger brother of the late Hide (Juon) and he also worked as brother’s manager. I.N.A. (Takashi Tsukamoto) was the co-producer of rock band Hide with Spread Beaver, which featured Hide. Hiroshi and I.N.A. work together to release Hide’s music, which he left behind for the world.



Might be a good thing to watch

Tsubasa is actually one of my favourite (ex-)Johnny’s guys, and I knew he liked some rock music, but this is just about the last thing I’d expect him to be involved in. It’s nice to know he’s doing movies though. Thought he was only going to be doing theatre/musicals going forward.

Tackey did ask YOSHIKI to write that song for SixTONES a few years back though, so part of me is wondering if that’s just a coincidence or if he had something to do with this.

I can’t believe it’s actually not Yoshiki milking hide’s death once again.