Ms.EVA new live-limited single “正餐(Seisan)” release

Ms.EVA new live-limited single “正餐(Seisan)” will be released at 2022/12/14.

“Ms.EVA” members:
Vocal: 紗七(Sana) (ex-DE/CLIO)
Guitar: 雹夢(Hakumu) (ex-Re:sire)
Bass: I.O. (ex-DE/CLIO)
Drums: にぃ(Ni) (ex-ALCYON)


Another good song, so far I’m liking them more than DE/CLIO, hoping they sell their music digitally in the future.

Ms.EVA 2nd single details. The release will be sold for 1,500 yen and will be distributed on 2022-12-14. The single will later sold in-stores. This will be announced on a later date.


  1. 正餐 (Seisan)
  2. 最愛は深紅の愛と眠る (Saiai wa shinku no ai to nemuru)
  3. アホヅラ (Ahozura)

Ms.EVA announced that their 2nd single will also be sold at: Like an Edision, Jishuban club, and little hearts stores. Each will contain a privilege bonus depending on which store you buy from.

Like an Edision → Contains 正餐 (Seisan) PV and off shot footage
Jishuban club → Contains “Bowling game” DVDs
little hearts → Contains “Darts game” DVDs


For those who don’t want to deal with little hearts or Edison.


They have enough in the can for a mini album or a full album now, let’s hope they don’t release a bunch of live limited stuff and flame out like SARIGIA, and DAMILA, and others.

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Looks like they/re doing pretty well since they’re on a solo tour and the final is at Spotify and they are popular enough for $200 S tickets.

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