MUCC new album "新世界" (Shinsekai) release

Out June 9th, also new tour announced


They’ve been way too prolific lately, I can’t keep up anymore.


I think it’s time to accept the fact that they are now the Maroon 5 or Imagine Dragons of J-rock now.


Officer, I would like to report a murder


I would have loved to go to ther 25 annyversary stuff like I went for the 20th…but seems almost impossible with all the restrictions :expressionless:

Lately they are milking their FC and similars way too much releasing every single thing they have done (7 dvd, 1 live album, 1 greatest hits…) but by the time the album comes out it will have been already 2 years since 惡 so its kind of normal, lets see what they do as 3 piece band.

Don’t know if this is worth making a new thread over but Tatsuro is also releasing two solo albums


They used to release an album every year. The only reason they didn’t release an album in 2007 was because they had two in 2006.

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Madness, too much output. No way this is going to be great. They already overdid it with the last album now this and all the tatsurou stuff is simply impossible for them to put enough work into anything for it to be remarkable

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It was actually very common 10+ years ago for vk bands, even the mainstream ones like Dir en grey, Merry, kagerou, despa, girugamesh,…, to release an album every year. I feel like it only changed with the decline of CD sales.



The shade in here is amazing XD
(Despite still being a fan of both Mucc and Miyavi, these comments are on point)
I’ll look forward to the album, I’m sure it’ll give me a few tracks I like.

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I know but it’s still overwhelming and nearly impossible to attain their complete discography.

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MUCC dropped more details on their new album:

June 9th, 2022 (Thursday)

Three versions will be available:

Special book edition (fanclub only), limited to 2000 (Pre orders until April 20th)
CD + Blu-ray
¥ 14,850

Fan club edition contains this bonus:

  • “Shinsekai” video complete works: Access right to a special page where you can watch MVs of all songs in Shinsekai

  • Video of their Niconico from March 23rd where they recorded a song in director’s cut

  • “Shinsekai” production close-up photo: A real cheki from the production/recording sessions??? Idk

  • Special book (150 pages)

  • “Documentary of Shinsekai”

  • “Ikitoshi” MV recording

Limited Edition
CD + Blu-ray
¥ 4,950

  • “Documentary of Shinsekai”
  • “Ikitoshi” MV recording

Normal Edition
CD only
¥ 3,520

New look:

New tour:


I wonder who their support drummer is O-o

it’s this guy

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I don’t have issues with bands and artists that put out music at a fast clip. No one chooses when inspiration strikes and you write while the pen is hot. However, I stopped following MUCC after Kyuutai because I did not like the electronic direction they were heading into with KARMA. I thought this was a bad omen for what was to follow.

I was fuckin right.

I picked up their last album in an attempt to get back into them and that was probably the worst musical decision of the year I could have made. I even sent clips to the friend who introduced me to MUCC many moons ago, and even his reaction was that of a man who had no expectations and was somehow still underwhelmed. I’m not interested in precedent or what MUCC was doing in 2006, because the MUCC of 2006 is a different MUCC than the band of today. They used to be able to release music at a breakneck pace and they can’t do that anymore and keep up the quality.

Right now, I feel that we are getting quantity over quality. You can throw as much music in my face as desired, but if it’s not calling my name I will never listen to it. I haven’t even heard a preview, but just based off the inconsistency of the later half of their catalog, I’m calling it. Someone tag me if a convincing preview comes out that isn’t washed up Gokusai or washed up Zekuu. Thanks.


His main band (Serenity in Murder) is definitely worth a try!

Have you listened to Shangri-la, Myakuhaku or Kowa piri though? Proves you were fuckin wrong. Of course they’re not Kuchiki no tou, but if you want to listen to Kuchiki no tou all over again, then just listen to it.
If bands found “their style” and keep on doing that for 10 years, people will also complain (rightfully) for releasing the same 3 songs all over again (I’m looking at you lynch. and DIR EN GREY).

I think it’s too easy to blame bands for you personally not liking them anymore. Like you said, people change and bands do too. Maybe it’s just not the right music for you. Aku was their best selling album ever which actually kinda “proves” that point.
Maybe sometimes we just have to accept that our taste changed and bands changed and that’s fine?


In its entirety? No. Out of context, sure. I’ve heard a few songs from “Kowareta Piano to Living Dead” and I even listened to the opening three tracks of “Aku” while typing that statement. I liked a bit of what I heard from “Kowapiri” and almost nothing from “Aku”. I absolutely detested “KARMA” as well, but I’m sure you can deduce that one.

I haven’t liked MUCC in a decade or so and that’s not a well-known opinion because I don’t go into every topic and bash them for my ever changing tastes. I didn’t even get into Tsuuzetsu until much, much later. I’ve long gotten over the fact that MUCC is over their nu-metal era and I actually prefer it that way - bands that do the same style forever do get boring. But to me, switching styles is a necessary but not sufficient step to remaining interesting. I didn’t get off the MUCC train because I’m some sort of metal purist that doesn’t like electronics in his music. My music taste can get so abrasive, I listen to Aphex Twin’s VENTOLIN for fun! I just didn’t find any of it interesting or memorable, and I’ve been waiting on the platform for the next MUCC train to pull up. Despite how fast the service is, each one has been just as uninteresting as the last.

“Kowapiri” made me pause, but even then I felt like I was just listening to a reinterpretation of 2002-2004 era MUCC, and if I wanted that Zekuu is right there for the taking! I don’t necessarily want nu-metal in my MUCC, but I want something that will sustain my interest. I can listen to one good song twelve times before I listen to twelve okay songs once. I just turned Aku off and I can’t recall what I was listening to (I had to check - song was アメリア (惡 MIX)). And pretty much that feeling I receive of music created devoid of passion has crept into everything post 2009 from MUCC for me. Some of it is me, and some of it is them, and then maybe some of it is outside pressures they don’t have control over, and I’m not sure where to draw the line. But all I know is, after 2009 this band just wasn’t the same. I’m glad they’re still raking in sales and able to do what it is they love, but sales to me have never indicated quality: plenty of bands that I have listened to lost their essence bit by bit as they gained reach and exposure, and something on a slower time line can be happening here too. Maybe the music is technically challenging and theoretically sound, but if it doesn’t touch me at my emotional center it’s not getting played by choice.

I can put on “Houkou” today and want to play the riff on guitar; if you can find me another song after 2009 that evokes that same feeling within me then I will concede. But I’ve been searching on the side occasionally, and I haven’t found one.


Not to forget about T.R.E.N.D.Y. - Paradise from 1997 -.


Oh well, I guess that’s the issue then. MUCC have a few “pure metal” songs, but they’re not a metal band and have actually never been.
It’s not about them putting out music “too fast”, it’s about you not liking their musical style in general, except for a few songs.

And saying that everything you listened to by MUCC in the past decade was a few songs off Kowapiri and Aku just doesn’t do them just. 10 years is almost half of their career and you obviously haven’t listened to more than half of their discography then.