MUCC new album "Timeless", Live Chronicle 5 and book announced

So they just announced a new album with all the live singles (and anew track) for December 28 - ¥6,900/¥3,520

  1. サイレン
  2. G.G. -Timeless Ver.-
  3. under the moonlight
  4. 99
  5. リブラ -Timeless Ver.-
  6. 想 -so-
  7. ガーベラ -Timeless Ver.-
  8. 死の産声
  9. 耀 -yo-
  10. 路地裏 僕と君へ -Timeless Ver.-
  11. Timeless
  12. 空 -ku- (JaQwa Remix)

A new book for for December 28

A new Live Chronicale 5 set for February 2 with 6 lives and costing 40 K yens FC edition. Details for the regular version will be announced later.

「MUCC 結成記念日〜Beginning of the 25th Anniversary〜Special Acoustic in 味園ユニバース公演」

「MUCC TOUR 2022「新世界」~Beginning of the 25th Anniversary~ 京都KBSホール公演」

「MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR「Timeless」~是空・朽木の灯~ CLUB CITTA’公演」

「MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR「Timeless」~是空・朽木の灯~ 神戸 Harbor Studio公演」

「MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR「Timeless」~是空・朽木の灯~ KT Zepp Yokohama公演」

「MUCC 25th Anniversary Special Liveムック試験導入公演その5.暴れて、感じて、声出しOK。『咆哮』GORILLA HALL OSAKA公演」


Seems like a neat retrospective-like release looking at that tracklist. Some of those singles have been quite decent so it will be nice to hear them in one package, with those older (I assume re-recorded?) picks sprinkled in.

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nice, they even got the song from the deadman split single in there. that’s a good one

also their rerecordings are almost always good so I’ll take some of those thanks

It was just a matter of time, the tour singles have been good so far so its gonna be good, I guess.

I´m just a bit “surprised” about the old songs choice. Except for G.G. (and maybe Gerbera a little), the others dont look like their most popular live songs.
Id have liked to see a rerecording of 自己嫌惡…but closer to the demos version, not the album one :joy:.

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Neat, I guess. I was expecting a fully new album but that’s alright. Loved the last 2 live distributed singles.

The date is a little odd though, right after Christmas.

Just in time for those new year salary raises and kids new year money.

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Really looking forward to it, I loved all the 4 singles. I see the songs they re-record are all picked up from each era, it’s a nice idea.

However, I am confused about the Live Chronicle 5. I was super excited thinking they would put one live from each tour, but we end up with 3 lives from the Zekuu/Kuchiki no Tou tour, where the setlist was almost the same all the time. Why would they do this? I could just see the Houyoku and Karma lives on niconico, and they were amazing. Maybe they keep them for a Live Chronicle 6, but well…

It actually says “上巻” (“volume one”), so I guess there will be 4 parts of “Live chronicle 5”, one for each tour

Which one of the singles do you like the most so far?
Siren, Yo and 99 are my favorites. The other ones are not bad at all and will do well on an album.

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All “the” live singles… can someone give me more info on what these are? Is this a comp of all their live-limited single releases, like Gotcharocka’s “Scenes”?

They had album themed tours for their 25th anniversary. For every tour there was a live limited single:

Ku (Zekuu/Kuchiki no tou tour), So/Yo (Houyoku/Gokusai tour), 99 (Shion/Kyuutai tour), Siren/under the moonlight (Karma/Shangri-la tour).

They also included “Shi no ubugoe” which was on a coupling single with deadman (live limited to the concert with deadman).

Ku was remixed for the album, because they already included it in the mini album “Shinsekai bekkan”.

The “Timeless ver.” tracks are tracks previously released as singles and probably re-recorded.

Timeless is a new/completely unreleased track (you can hear a snippet of it on Twitter:


That new song gives me kind of 明星/家路 vibes.
When I saw that 上巻 I was thinking of 下巻… but 4 volumes…if they are gonna release each FC edition for 40k :no_mouth: .
Though maybe they dont release the other fast, lets not forget they released the 20th anniversary lives 4.5 years later…so maybe for the 30th anniversary :joy:
Also, for sure they will release the December 28th live (I thought they would announce these released in the post live video there…not just for 11.11)

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And were all these singles, at the time, new, previously unreleased songs?

Like I said, they were released as singles before and you could only buy them at their concerts. The songs were inspired by the themes of the album, but new songs.

I wasn’t able to tell much about the inspiration for each song, period wise. Wich albums/eras inspired So, Yo, 99 and Siren respectively?


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Ah yes indeed.
Well I hope they will release the other tours in one box, otherwise that will end up being pricey :sweat_smile:.

My favorite is So, followed by Siren and 99. But really, they nailed all those singles for me, I really enjoyed them all.

OK, thanks, that’s what I wanted to know. Definitely going to pick this up as I’ve only heard two of these songs, and those years ago.

I’ve just realised that, weirdly, “Ku” doesn’t appear on the Spotify release of Shin Sekai Bekkan.