MUCC new live-limited single "サイレン" (Siren) release

MUCC new live-limited single “サイレン” (Siren) will be released at their live tour “MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR 「Timeless」~カルマ・シャングリラ~” since 2023/10/01 (2500yen)


  1. サイレン
  2. under the moonlight
  3. サイレン(Original Karaoke)
  4. under the moonlight (Original Karaoke)
  5. MUCC 25th Anniversary TOUR 「Timeless」~志恩・球体~ – Official Bootleg- (2023.07.26 Zepp Shinjuku)


Hyped, the last 3 live singles have been great and will be good tracks on their upcoming album. Hope they can keep up the streak with another good song!


Is weird it took them so long to confirm it, when in previous weeks they were already posting on IG stuff like, song recorded and even putting the name. Now I guess we need to wait for the Dec. 28 live for a new album, single and something like a Live Chronicle 5 dvd/br set announcement.