MUCC new single "愛の唄" (Ai no Uta) release

★New Single『愛の唄』 (ai no uta)


【初回盤(CD+DVD)】 品番:TKCA-75215 価格:¥2,800(税込)
1.愛の唄 (ai no uta)
3.愛の唄 (ai no uta) (Original Karaoke)
4.Violet (Original Karaoke)

1.「愛の唄」(ai no uta) Music Video
2.「Violet」Music Video
3. Documentary of 愛の唄 (ai no uta)

【通常盤(CD)】品番:TKCA-75216 価格:¥1,350(税込)
1.愛の唄 (ai no uta)
3.愛の唄 (ai no uta) (Original Karaoke)
4.Violet (Original Karaoke)

【CROWN TOKUMA SHOP限定盤】 品番:TKZA-10035 価格:¥8,800(税込)

Special version 8cm CD + CROWN TOKUMA SHOP limited edition with voice alarm clock will be released! (3 types/CD common, clock by member)

  1. 愛の唄 (ai no uta)
  2. 愛の唄(Original MiyaOKE)
  3. 愛の唄(Original YukkeOKE)

◆MUCC Original Voice Alarm Clock


A “voice alarm clock” extra must enter to some rank of the weirdest cd editions :joy:
I would consider it if at least it would have the DVD too…

3 versions of this alarm… collector’s item :smiley: will be rare.

Excited! What their latest sugles are so good, hopeful they keep quality up

Maybe having Mucc telling me to wake up every morning will actually make me want to wake up in the morning! :joy:

That song title is so cheesy and generic :joy: “love song”

Well at least their major debut was real xD apparently this is their 3rd time

Yes! I made the effort to go through their releases:

Indie: 1997 (NO!? demo) - 2003 (Ware arubeki basho single)
Universal: 2003 (Zekuu) - 2009 (Coupling worst)
Indie: 2010 (Freesia single) - 2011 (Akatsuki single)
Sony: 2011 (Arcadia single) - 2017 (Best of MUCC II)
Indie: 2017 (Ieji single) - 2024 (MUCC Live Chronicle 5 DVD) [During this time some DVDs were still released under Sony though]
CROWN TOKUMA: 2024 onwards

Edit: Japanese wikipedia says this

1998-2001: Misshitsu neurose
2002-2003, 2009-2011, 2017-2024: Danger crew records
Universal: 2003-2009
Sony: 2011-2017


It seems a weird label choice. It was the label for a couple of years for Plastic Tree, Ayabie or Aline Nine and the main for Ningen Isu…but other than that, they dont seem to be focused on rock/vk… Lets hope it goes well for them, though cant say these last “indies” years were bad.

Soon I guess we will get the “mandatory” compilation release :joy:

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I think SCREW were signed to them too. CASCADE, exist trace, BOOWY and BULL ZEICHEN 88 are also connected to the vk scene. But you’re right, not an obvious choice in my opinion.

I think it was label’s choice to take them after signing deviloof earlier before, looks like VK is having its moment again with the major publishers.


maybe the label wanted some visual kei act that wasn’t falling apart in real time after signing deviloof


Because of the cheesy title, this is not a part of their April fool right?

So the Love Together tour will be a “coupling tour”:
1 date with Kizu, 1 with NoGod, 1 with CHAQLA, 1 with Jiluka, 2 with 甘い暴力, 2 with vistlip, 2 with MAMA, 2 with Arlequin, 2 with 色々な十字架 and 2 with Dezert.

There could come out some nice DVD from here. Just missing some of their usual friends like Merry or The Back Horn.


Sweet! I get to see Vistlip along with Mucc