Musician who are openly Furries

this thread is dedicated to show musician/componists who show interest to the fandom dedicated to anthromorphic animals. I prefer if you put some sort of proof for it and not just list them.

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so I will start with two examples

(my research skills isn’t the best, and I haven’t researched enough into them to really find something like a tweet where they call themselve a furry)


a very popular japanese EDM producer.
One of his albums and one single has a furry character as album cover. He also has a song called “love Yiff” and “Furry Canon”



a Utaite with over 500.000 followers and his most popular work having reached over 8 million views.

this basically explains it all
but he also seems to have an interest for Furry VTuber

for example he gets credited in a cover from the VTuber Trad Monmon for mixing and seems to be generally befriended with him,.

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is it safe to assume both are gay, judging by the artwork stuffed with exploding muscle bussy?

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Furrie is just too cringe… XD

Yoshiki (and Marilyn Manson), apparently…

(I hope inflating female presenting fake nipples are not a bannable offense here)