Musician who are openly Furries

this thread is dedicated to show musician/componists who show interest to the fandom dedicated to anthromorphic animals. I prefer if you put some sort of proof for it and not just list them.


so I will start with two examples

(my research skills isn’t the best, and I haven’t researched enough into them to really find something like a tweet where they call themselve a furry)


a very popular japanese EDM producer.
One of his albums and one single has a furry character as album cover. He also has a song called “love Yiff” and “Furry Canon”



a Utaite with over 500.000 followers and his most popular work having reached over 8 million views.

this basically explains it all
but he also seems to have an interest for Furry VTuber

for example he gets credited in a cover from the VTuber Trad Monmon for mixing and seems to be generally befriended with him,.

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is it safe to assume both are gay, judging by the artwork stuffed with exploding muscle bussy?


Furrie is just too cringe… XD

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Yoshiki (and Marilyn Manson), apparently…

(I hope inflating female presenting fake nipples are not a bannable offense here)


This is blursed, send it to everyone u know


Straight men can appreciate exploding muscles too.

Not crossing out the possibility thooooo

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The VTuber Astel Leda is pretty direct about being one.

He even commissioned a full set of original animal characters for one of his projects and had 3D models of them made for his 3rd anniversary live stream.

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I probably wouldn’t trust men in this art fandom if they declared themselves straight, but no one really clarified about those two… I’m pretty chill with furries, but not really fine with gaybait.

What’s gay bait?

some form of thirst-trap

What’s wrong with gaybait if it’s just a thirst trap then? Men should be allowed to what they want with their bodies, gay or straight. Heck, I’m bisexual and I know men deserve equal rights too.

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well it’s not a thread about you, is it?

straight men who tease other men for attention are typically narcissist and carry other damage.


(most of) Corpo male VTubers in a nutshell

Gaybaiting is like teasing the possibility homosexuality to get people of the community into the fandom. but not actually doing anything with it.

I mean, in this case it’s really vague. You could say they’re gaybaiting but that in itself is sort of sexist because there’s also the possibility that it’s unintentional and they’re men just trying to express their sexuality. On the other hand, they could actually be doing this with express intent to gay bait. Tbh, it just seems to be art of buff furries, which isn’t specifically gay. Straight men who express their sexuality in a masculine buff sense on social media exist a lot (e.g: Hiro from Nocturnal Bloodlust, Gackt, the drummer from Golden Bomber (don’t remember his name sorry)) and they typically get more thirst comments from women, so it would completely useless to do so if their intent was to gaybait yet they still do so, indicating no intent to gaybait. So it’s not really something that bothers me too much. It’s different if somebody start saying stuff like for example “I wanna stare at/go out/simp for a buff guy so much” when they’re a straight guy, which is obvious gay baiting because they are specifically teasing homosexuality. In this situation specifically, it’s more of a grey area since we aren’t sure of the intent.


I think you’re reading too much into my comments, particularly when it comes to grading my interest in Sena stans and their delusions :slight_smile:

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Lol yeh, I’m sorry. I’m just really hyper attentive to stuff :bowing_woman:

Gay bait is no where near being like a thirst trap babe

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