My Favorite Japanese Music

Hey guys. First time posting and I just wanted to introduce you all some of my favorite music from Japan at the moment.

One are idol groups is called White Canvas.

Hope you guys like it and let me know what you think!

It’s a more cute and fun idol group.
[真っ白なキャンバス/SHOUT(LIVE VIDEO) - YouTube]

This is one of the popular idols in the group!]

This group is called Wagamama Rakia. More edgy with an American pop style sound. Really great as well!
[我儘ラキア - GR4VITY G4ME - Official Music Video - YouTube]

If your more into anime style/EDM this group is really fun too. They are called Schrodingers Dog.
[【MV】Singularity【シュレーディンガーの犬】 - YouTube]