My Favorite Japanese Stuff

What Japanese food is your Favorite? My Favorite Japanese food is: ramen, Tempura, Tokoyaki.
What Japanese sweet is your Favorite? Dango.
Your Favorite Japanese Manga? Naruto.
Favorite Jrock bands? Moi dix Mois, PROJECT TO EVIL.
Favorite Japanese cartoon? Doraemon.
Favorite bass player? Kazuno Moi dix Mois,PROJECT TO EVIL
Which Japanese words are your Favorite? Watashi wa anata o totemo aishiteimasu, aishiteru, baka, kuso ttare, banzai.
Which is your Favorite Japanese city? Hiroshima.
Which is your Favorite Japanese song? Spiral by Kazuno of Moi dix Mois.
What is your Favorite thing of Japan? The Culture,the people Japanese because are Fabulous and Educated, Jrock music, food, Japanese language.
Would you go to live in your Favorite nation Japan if you could? Yeah i would in a moment Japan is my Favorite nation of the world and is my Favorite place where i wish live.
Can you dedicate one of your Favorite words to Japan? Watashi wa anata o totemo aishiteimasu Nihon!:purple_heart::kissing_heart::jp:

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Mainly traditional moral cultures, someone murders your dad? Vengeance calls

I like their poets as well, some moderners are tsujimura mizuki (I really like lonely castle in the mirror(a novel)) some old ones are natsume soseiki (light hearted “I am a cat” to grim “kokoro”) osamu dazai… Is kinda melodramatic, topics as “inertia, laziness confused with existential” I don’t need to mention his most sold book

Their movies… I actually like battle Royale 1,2
Kaiji 1,2. All 3 death note live actions (original cast) aside manga adaptations, blue spring, its only talk, hentai kamen (my favorite movie of all time) on a serious note I can’t discriminate them from French movies, they’re just boring in a good way, while some try to shock the viewers I ended up hating it, Especially “confessions” (come at me bro)

I like their history with other countries, like even I Didint know until I searched it up and they knew waaayyy better. Culturally wise.

Favorite city : nagoya

Favorite sweets : dango I agree, but personally I make an abomination with Profiteroles and weasle cakes which only I can digest.

But people judging the country with the views of mainstream media “anime” most popular example, and prejudices the country itself like its an object, like people who talk off their ass without ever going there saying shit like “it’s good for tourism but bad to live in” like wtf do you know about Japan? They’re talking like it’s happening exclusively there. And I absolutely hate people who are “pretending” to be a foreigner to shit on their own country, that’s so cirnge. Unexpected rant, pardon.

I like it honestly and I would go again for a longer duration. Wish I learned the language though could do so much more. I’m actually thinking about it, should I go to Ottawa again or nagoya, while I do have the license in Canada, idk about japan’s education system, how long it would take for a doctor to be reducated, it took 7 years in Canada I.e


Amazing @HeroOfLove! :heart::kissing_heart:

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Speaking as a Japanese person currently living overseas, I think we all miss convenience stores and 100 yen shops when we’re overseas. ALL of my Japanese friends have complained about it and I literally go to 7 for a pizza-man the second I can whenever I go back.

As for food, in addition to pizza-man, I like shabushabu (especially negi), udon, and Kansai style unagi. For sweets, do Pure Gummi count? I also like taiyaki. City-wise, I like Shibuya and Hamamatsu (though admittedly I’ve never gone(笑)). Manga-wise, the only ones from my otaku phase I still care about are Fruits Basket and Kuroshitsuji.

Musically, I only listen to Japanese artists. Outside of visual kei, right now it’s only luz-kun and YOASOBI (who doesn’t though, honestly). I also like Japanese fashion brands, partially for style and partially for fit. Clothes never fit me overseas.


Amazing @kryr_16 ! :heart: :kissing_heart:

My interest lies mostly in vkei these days, but I do enjoy JRPGs and have a fondness for Utena and Evangelion when it comes to anime.

Travelling around Japan I did enjoy Sendai a lot for being a smaller city with decent proximity to Tokyo. I wish I had spent more time in Osaka but hopefully next time.

I like matcha and ramen a lot…and tbh mister donut was one of my favourite things lol

The cleanliness and orderliness I like, too~

Some dislikes:
-The unicorn mentality of other foreigners in Japan is pretty hilarious and you can really see it when you’re there
-being stared at a lot when I like to be more anonymous and not stand out, it heightened my anxiety
-that it is frowned upon to walk while looking at your phone, I was always very conscious of this while trying to locate things on apple maps all the time D:
-that there are different rules for which way to walk up and down stairs (tokyo and osaka have the opposite rules for example)
-the very small bathroom stalls at train stations

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Beautiful @VkeiWitch! :heart: :kissing_heart:

Osaka’s a very interesting city isn’t it? My first thought when it comes to Osaka will always be matcha beer. I was super underage the time I went to Osaka so I didn’t try it though.


Osaka is a Beautiful city, i want try the beer matcha i think is a Great beer when you drink it think to me too @kryr_16! :heart: :kissing_heart:

As a member of the LGBTQ community I really don’t think japan would be a nice place to live.

That sounds really scary and I’m also afraid to ask

Wouldn’t dare to say bad but definitely harder to live as a foreigner (if a woman way harder).

As for my favorites:
I really enjoy eating ramen (tonkotsu style currently my favorite). My favorite sweet is Taiyaki.

I really enjoy manga and anime, Evangelion was the first series that had a huge impact on me so it’s one of the most important for me I would say. My favorite cartoon is Aggretsuko.

My favorite artist is MIYAVI, I admire him for a lot of reasons and I also love the fact that everyone knows about his marriage and family.

I’m really interested in the country’s history, specially the transition period between the Edo and Meiji eras. Visiting some historical places is in my bucket list and my “ideal” trip would involve visiting places from top to bottom. I’d also really like to visit Sado Island.

I think I would definitely live in japan for a while during an exchange program of sorts, specially to be immersed in the language but as queer and tattooed person I wouldn’t say I’d live there forever.

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I currently live in Japan (thx gazette) and whenever I decide to return to America, I’m 10000% gonna miss the conbini and vending machines. I get the feeling I’ll miss coin lockers too lol but i guess i’ll miss lives the most. i’ll still go to them when possible, but i really enjoy the ticket number system among other things.

As for savory food, I love shabu shabu and okonomiyaki. For sweets, one of my favorites is kinoko no yama, the choco mushroom biscuit thing. I also enjoy sweet red bean soup.

There’s minor things that annoy the tf outta me here but I like it overall since a lot of things are… convenient. Obviously there’s big issues in this country like everywhere else tho.

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Awesome @dimbiiitch ! :heart: :kissing_heart:

Cool @dev0_t ! :heart: :kissing_heart:

I’m also living in Japan… another vote for konbini’s, and ticket system/live etiquette from me.

I love sushi/sashimi and trying out new/seasonal snacks… I enjoy most Japanese foods actually. The only things I can’t eat are natto, horumon and ginger or plum flavored stuff.
I do miss pizza that isn’t expensive and good (= European imo) cheese and bread.

It’s been years since I actively watched anime, but I still love Ghibli.

I like the customer service and safety here, but I miss how much more progressive my country, the Netherlands, is. Japanese politics is a joke full of dinosaurs.


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What Japanese food is your Favorite? ラーメン、天麩羅、納豆、寿司
What Japanese sweet is your Favorite? 鯛焼
Your Favorite Japanese Manga? ブリーチ
Favorite Jrock bands? too many, I can’t list…
Favorite Japanese cartoon (anime, thanks)? too many, I could make a list of my top 200 fav.
Favorite bass player? 誰でもいい :joy:
Which Japanese words are your Favorite? 沈没、魑魅魍魎、神下、醍醐味、多し蟹 :rofl:、鴨 :rofl: (bad and confusing transliteration rules :rofl:)
Which is your Favorite Japanese city? 稚内、奥尻島
Which is your Favorite Japanese song? D.I.D. - Nihilism
What is your Favorite thing of Japan? the language, the culture, the music, people’s attitude on art and science and their open-minded thought
Would you go to live in your Favorite nation Japan if you could? no, but I’d like to have a little travel. I prefer nordic countries.
Can you dedicate one of your Favorite words to Japan? だいにっぽん万歳! :smile:

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If I’ll leave Japan, I’ll miss my honmei band and my friends… and mochi, all sweets related to mochi, its strawberry season now and my current addiction is 7-11s monstrously big strawberry mochi filled with vanilla cream.