NAMELESS 12-month consecutive digital singles release

NAMELESS 12-month consecutive digital singles released.

TuneCore · 1st digital single “HOME THEATER” · 2022/12/24


WOW the guitar quality improved wut O-o.

Interesting turn of events for this band and noah doesnt have that much echo in his voice in this track. Hmm…Nice nice. Looking forward to see the other tracks hopfeully they provide similar or better quality. :thinking:

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Home Theater is not a song title I would have expected from a Visual Kei band lol.
I have the worry that they won’t be able to get through the 12 months, but I wish them the best luck and strength.

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So much better then Home Theater. Hope they continue like this :cherry_blossom:

Damn, that was great! A small shame it didn’t have a proper breakdown to spice it up a bit, but it’s probably the best thing they’ve ever done.

Orchestra synths lose all the point when you are not able to produce a mixing and mastering which has power but also enough space for the synths.

also, do they actually still go with the whole, anti V-Kei theme concept?

Aki is that you?