NAZARE one-day revival, new single "COMMON ERA -EASTER-", and new collection album "COMMON ERA" release

NAZARE will revive for one-day at their oneman live “COMMON ERA -EASTER-” at 2022/08/07 at Shibuya WWW X

their livve-distributed single “COMMON ERA -EASTER-” and their live-limited new album “COMMON EAR” will be released that day


I am so confused.

Please sell this off the webshop. Please sell this off the webshop. Please sell this off the webshop.


.what the fuck

Im sure after the event and they havent sold everything theyll come up no doubt. Ill be keeping a keen eye out.

So another dvd I’d assume as well.

Wasn’t common era the album they already put out or was that a best of, so this is a new album with new songs with the same name?

The best of is called Before Common Era so I guess now it’s time for Common Era and then years later during their one day revival in 2030 they will release After Common Era

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That’s right, thanks for clearing that up.

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No understand

I thought the vocalist retired. LOL


It seems his idea of retiring is carrying on to record on his own and collaborating with people who arent Issei. Haha. In fairness though, as it was apparently for mental health reasons, being able to do stuff on your own terms like that rather than being committed to a full time band is probably much easier. But still, he seems pretty active musically for someone who retired from doing music. Haha.

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I’ll keep an eye on Mercari and Yahoo that day lol

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Rings the bells if you spot anything.


www, so who is the vocalist? is it still mio or? previously the vocalist said that he was retiring

yep, same guy lol

Mio has been posting a lot of production versions and covers of their stuff on youtube so I wouldn’t be surprised if they come back, but just don’t tour since Yoh is kinda busy, but NOAH doesn’t seem to mind if Issei and co borrow him occasionally. Issei has been working on a song lately and he’s paying for the OHP url again.

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Messy kei legends

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Their best album “Before Common Era”
Is distributed on Apple Music and Spotify, LINE MUSIC etc.
You can listen to them just by click the link!