How did everyone feel about 第六感? I honestly don’t know how to feel about it on first listen. NOAH didn’t blow me away, but it wasn’t awful, and Mio’s high pitched vocals don’t match the tone of NAMELESS, swing and a miss, but good exposure for both bands I guess?

A competition to see who could be more off.

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Personally I’ve never liked Noah’s voice or music; this release did not help sway that opinion much. I will say that Noah did surpass my expectations this time around, though the bar wasn’t set too high. Mio was kind of a letdown this time around as well, but I will give them both props for trying regardless.

Also I’m grateful to whoever released this for the public. (I think it was Zeus, but I could be wrong.) I laughed at the caption of the videos and it made me think of the uploader as a V-Kei Robinhood. :joy:

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Noah just made me happy bc it gave me nostalgia from how I used to listen to AVANCHICK and I loved it. Mio was just a letdown tbh I think the songs that were chosen for him could have been better.

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I also loved avanchik so mush. and i would really wanted to have this collaboration NAZARE x NAMELESS

Is 第六感 actually available for everyone to listen? I can’t find it anywhere ://

omg thx sm… tho… are those the only songs? i thought there were more
EDIT: I didn’t notice the way you uploaded it, sorry