need help in analyzing the scandal

does anyone remember the story of the bassist’s disappearance and the scandal that the vocalist killed him?? there were some rumors about the vocalist’s name, supposedly he used to perform under another name or something like that… I can’t remember the names or the name of the band

Are you sure it was bassist and not guitarist? I thought maybe it might’ve been Dokuga but that was about vocalist and guitarist I think

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yes, you’re right! i read about it a long time ago and was wrong (apparently memories got mixed up), it really is that story. thanks!(;

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I thought there was a rumor about the lead singer of the Piass who killed off one/some of his bandmates… then again it was from Tanuki so take it with a grain of sale.

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sounds interesting, will have to read more about it. thanks!!

No that’s not it, The Piass members that died were because of an accident filming a music video, and then later iirc one was due to suicide. I think there were some rumors of it being a suicide pact and since the vocalist was one of the members to die in the accident I could see someone claiming he made the others go with him but it was just an accident. (This is according to my memory I could be wrong)

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Are you talking about dokuga??

People put a lot of stock on vocalists because obviously they’re the leader and everything they do is deliberate. So if the vocalist dies in an accident along with the drummer it’s obviously a suicide pact (vocalists never make mistakes)

Completely missed everything going on with Dokuga! I briefly google them every now and then to see if anything was released or a break up was announced, but the tidbits here are way unexpected