NETH PRIERE CAIN new single "エイルの丘" (Eir no Oka) release

NETH PRIERE CAIN new single “エイルの丘” (Eir no Oka) will be released at 2023/08/23
it will include CD (3 songs) and DVD including “エイルの丘” (Eir no Oka) Mv (2000yen)

[CD tracklist]
1.エイルの丘 (Eir no Oka)
3.「ヒルガオ」 (Hirugao)


The look of this band is always incredible!

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I love this look !

wow they are always GORG <3 hyped for the release!!!

I’m a simple man, I see new NPC release I get hyped. Bring it on!


some beautiful costumes and weaves spotted

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Love their outfits! Looking forward to their new single, gotta buy it for sure x3


Wow I love it, the music video is beautiful and the song very nice

Not my kinda song, but looking forward to hearing the B-sides!

Interesting to see the Norse mythology reference.

It’s out x

I’m still not a big fan of the title track, but the B-sides are pretty nice!

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I’ve been sleeping on this band since 1997 lol :skull_and_crossbones:

Prob will get around to listening at some point

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Do yourself a favor and check out their previous single from this year 創造の先、破滅へと至る声。and/or their mini album from 2021 called 予言の夢、終末の黙示録 when you have the time! They provide a good encompassing of their style imo.