New band “ism” has formed

New band “ism” has formed. The first live was on 2022/04/20.
1st live-limited single “カクメイノイチゲキ(kakumeinoichigeki)” was released on the day of the debut.
Dr.碧音(Aoto) officially joined on 2022/05/06.

“ism” members:
Vocal: Asuka (ex.Rabyrinth)
Guitar: 景(Kei) (ex.アイギス(AIGIS))
Guitar: ゆう(Yū)
Bass: 詩羽(Utaha) (【2nd/A】Re:bellion)
Drums: 碧音(Aoto)


02.Second Dream

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ism has ended activities on 2/19

they had previously cancelled their appearances in January due to 2 members contracting coronavirus on 1/4, then later cancelled their dates on 1/11~12 due to Vo.Asuka not feeling well and Gt.Kei’s work circumstances.