New band “LOBELIA” has formed

New band “LOBELIA” has formed. They will hold their first live at 2023/07/27.

“LOBELIA” members:
Vocal: shota
Guitar: itsuki
Guitar: tsuteshi
Drums: sora

Demo Sound Source · Twitter


I hope they’ll play symphonic metal


They have posted a sample of their demo song and they will reveal artist photos in the beginning of July.

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That demo sample sounds more or less promising so far.

Gonna keep my eyes on them~ :eyes:


their first live on 7/27 at Ryogoku Sunrize has been postponed due to problems with the organizer; they will distribute their demo to attendees who come to their upcoming live at a later date

Gt.tsuteshi has departed on 10/26 and the band will perform at Shinjuku Sunface on 11/17 and 12/22

They’ve also released artist photos!

Vo.shota (also in Rely On Me)
Gt.itsuki (also in Rely On Me)
Dr.Sora (ex.Bloody Rose → Ruera → Heart Break)

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Ba.Pannder (who is also in Rely On Me) has joined as of 11/19

they have also released demo CD “Thoughts to engrave -DEMO-” at their first live on 11/17; limited 20 copies

new demotape “MOON DROP” (limited 20 copies) has been released at their live on 12/22

Very oldschool, I like it!


The guys opened their YT channel with a live recording of their song “MOON DROP”.

Not bad. :slight_smile:

Vo.shota has departed on 12/21 and the live video above features a new vocalist.

Damn, fast times huh…

sorry for spam-posting :pray:

btw drummer Sora dropped a “new” EP from his past band Ruera, “-unfinished song-”, on 10/25, and he made it available on his webshop (???) on 12/24

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Some new live footage of the band:

edit: aaaand also a full version of one of the songs performed. The vocalist needs to work on his stage presence a bit imo, but overall it sounds pretty neat so far to me!


I like how nostalgic this band is, really gives 90s soft vk demotape realness

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Exactly that!!

Vo&Gt.ShoTa (the newer vocalist) has departed on 2/4 after their live at Shinjuku Sunface due to differences in musicality and passion

btw they have opened their website

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What a rollercoaster, lol!


Vo.ラギ (ragi) (aka Jay Sumeragi) has joined the band on 2/16. Their “new system” live will be held on 3/18 at Takadanobaba Club Phase.


It’s always interesting when vocalists get switched out and the band decides to continue. You get to hear different styles of similar music.

New Demo CD-R “Rain” will be released at 2024/03/18.

It will be available at the event and will be limited units:


bro i want this so bad :sob: