New band "にがい(Nigai)" has formed

New band “にがい (Nigai)” has formed. They will hold their first live at 2021/04/30.
It was previously a SIKI session but they have decided to consolidate the project.

“にがい(Nigai)” members:
Vocal: SIKI (ex.CANIVAL)
Guitar: 巡(Jun) (ex.フシアナ(Fushiana), DIEALO)
Bass: まこと(Makoto) (ex.影喰イ(Kagekui), DARIAN MARIAN)
Drums: セツ(Setsu) (ex.フシアナ(Fushiana), DIEALO)



Nice lineup ! Happy to see Siki here

I’m liking the lineup! Fingers crossed this is decent and maybe they’ll drop the suit-kei look once they actually release something.

Great news :smiley: missed his voice and the lineup looks good!