New band "イクシア" (Ixia) has formed and first single "闇堕チ式世界征服" release

New band “イクシア” (Ixia) has formed

Vo. 霧咲 ネク (Kirisaki Neku)
Gt. ハヤテ (Hayate)
Gt. 癒棘 (Yuki)
Ba. Shota
support Dr. 梓川 梓姫 (Azusa Azuki)

their first single “闇堕チ式世界征服” will be released at 2023/08/24

their first live “ハローワールド” will be hold at 2023/08/24 at HOLDAIY NEXT NAGOYA

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They were previously a session band called “project 74952-リバースコード-”.

“イクシア” (Ixia)” members:
Vocal: 霧咲 ネク(Kirisaki Neku) (ex.Cu[be])
Guitar: ハヤテ(Hayate) (ex.Re:Яays)
Guitar: 癒棘(YuKi)
Bass: Shota
Support Drums: 梓川 梓姫(Azusa Azuki) (ex.A’LETZA)



His voice hardly changed after all these years since Cu[be], which is incredible :yellow_heart:

Rin Kagamine needs to be credited as a member cuz I hear Vocaloid backing vocals

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Believe it or not his voice got better. They have my attention now. Its sad this improvement wasnt present when the vocalist was apart of Cu[be]. That band had such amazing instrumentals. The intrumentals so far here tho are pretty good. That drummer is putting in some work so far. O_o



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I love this single, especially tr.2 :heartpulse:
The vibe sounds like 2010s bands : Avidit., Vanish, ダウナー