New band "エルレナム(Ailerenam)" has formed

New female vo.rock band “エルレナム(Ailerenam)” has formed.

Vocal: しのぐ(Shinogu)

Guitar: 夜々(Yaya)

Guitar: そら(Sora)

Bass: めぐむ(Megumu)

Drums: TAiKi



looks female-led to me

i think sora is from zerocre, not 100% sure right now

Female vocal, the rest are guys.
Their first live won’t be on a visual kei event tho. So I guess they wander just the path of female alternative visual looking bands events.

Ah, I asked and Vocal しのぐ(Shinogu) and she said it’s closer to ROCK. So non-vkei :smiley:


Vo.Shinogu (ex-LAST QUESTION (ラストクエスチョン) (idol group) → currently in Hoshizora no Sanpomichi (星空の散歩道) (idol group), solo)
Gt.Yaya (ex-Marcadol (マルカドル) → Jekyll (弍斬琉) support, session guitarist)
Gt.Sora (ex-Zerocre → Artemis)
Ba.Megu (ex-LEVENA (リヴェーナ) → GLORIA)
Dr.TAiKi (ex-REMAZE)

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1st streaming single “ブルームーン(Blue Moon)” will be released at 2023/02/01.

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