New band "リバースレインボー(Reverse Rainbow)" has formed

New band “リバースレインボー(Reverse Rainbow)” has formed. The 1st live will be on 2022/09/24.

“リバースレインボー(Reverse Rainbow)” members:
Vocal: 未来(Miku) (ex.A113)
Guitar: 涼佑様(Ryōsuke-sama) (ex.Avalokiteshvara)
Guitar: MIDORI
Bass: あまちゃむ(Amachi~yamu)
Drums: ヲリヲリ(Woriwori) (Headphone★Baby)


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This such a downgrade from what im used to with this vocalist what happened :fearful:

Then again this is the first preview hopefully this gets better maybe???

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lmao this is so funny

I get a lot of 2009ish Oshare vibes (GizeL, Bi;shop etc.) from them. I like it!