New band "屁" (He) has formed

New band “屁” (He) has formed

Vo. のぶ (Nobu)
Gt. へべれけ・アナ (Hebereke Ana)
Ba. ピン・ピンピン (Pin Pinpin)
Dr. バーサーカー・今宮 (Berserker Imamiya)

their first live will be hold at 2022/05/13 at Ikebukuro BLACK HOLE


That’s it, this takes the cake for most googleable band name in vk. Foreseeing a name change in the not too distant future.

Very lovely trailer as well :slight_smile:


My face for the entire trailer. I’m honestly speechless.

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I wonder about what for weird fetishes this band will write about.
I am scared but simply because of its ridiculousness also interested to see what they will bring to the future.
But I can be pretty sure that I won’t like it.

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They all look very familiar except for the drummer

Their outfits remind me a lot of something Mamireta would wear. Here’s hoping they sound like them too lol


Toilet-kei? :thinking:


yall I just watched the rest of the video and translated their name to verify

there’s a vk band called Fart. shitkei is canon.

(also they’re a demo band and they’ll end demo activities on 7/30)

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when Gen Z takes over VK


I was wondering about this as didnt know the kanji for “fart” but yeah i checked and it’s legit alright. Haha. I gotta admit, im kinda curious about these guys, seems like the band could be a bit of a laugh so will keep an eye on them for now.

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this is so fucking legit for a band named Fart to have a live at 池袋BlackHole


Great band name !!

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They’ve actually done session bands in the past where they just performed Mamireta songs. Pretty sure it’s just a group of Mamireta fanboys.


I’m hungry for fresh ideas, so yeah whatever. Let’s see what they got.


I think they are members of the session band: バニボバ(Baniboba).
I’m not sure though.

“バニボバ(Baniboba)” members:
Vocal: 紫乃(Shino)
Guitar: りょうじ(Ryoji)
Bass: イフ(If)
Drums: れいや(Reiya)

The video was made by gt.冴月(Satsuki)(ex.CATALYST), I don’t know if it will be the other guitarist.

These would be interesting. I hope they have interesting MVs and good music. But yeah the name is like D

This band, and their name especially, feels like the human personification of a shitpost/troll. Lol.


It’s not バニボバ. They play Kizu covers.
These guys play Mamireta covers.

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I think I laughed for 5 minutes straight after this comment. This is too much. :laughing:

“Something smells”

imo, looks like they’ll have something planned for 8/18

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