new band "甘い断頭台" (Amai Dantoudai) has formed

new band “甘い断頭台” (Amai Dantoudai) has formed on 3/25. The band concept is that the women who were decapitated during the French Revolution have returned to form a band in modern Japan, hence the English name being “sweet decapitation”.

Vo.Minami Maria (ALICETOPIA)
Ba.Hiko (ex-Luχis → DiaLuna → MARIA’N † ROSA)
Dr.Louis (GRAND FINALE, ex-Shiver of Frontier (as 妙-tae-))


their first live will be held at Kichijouji Crescendo on 6/3 and their new website has just opened!


this are this kind of nonsense song tittles only japan is doing

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their first single, “exe♡cute/執刀ルネサンス” has been released digitally on 5/20

They seem promising, it’s a pity they have such a common and dull concept…

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