new band "衝動的キャロル" (Shoudouteki Carol) has formed

new band “衝動的キャロル” (Shoudouteki Carol) has formed and they will hold their first live on 1/22 at Ikebukuro Edge. They will release music on Youtube that same month.

Vo.リヒト (rihito) (ex-Spider lily → Ellseed) (ex-[Rem] → Philter (support) → 7even’∽Resist (support)→ Nobady)
Gt.耶月-やづき- (yazuki) (ex-Kasablanka → Cattleya → ~†Zaide†~ → Embrace of Maria → Dio d’honneur (ディオドヌール) → KALEIDO (カレヰド) → re:Make → 0801弐209XX6, Denatsudan (電圧団) → X GAME → GAMEOVER (GAMEOVER-ガメオベラ-) → 0801ni209XX6 (0801弐209XX6) → GE+IM support)
Dr.流青 (ryusei)

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special session “ナツカセッション” (Natsuka session) will also perform

Vo.リウキ (riuki) (ex-MIZTAVLA)
Gt.KAIE (ヴィルシーナ (Verxina))
Gt.刻 (toki) (ex.Black Gene For the Next Scene)
Dr.ナツカ (natsuka) (ex.ベルベット) (VelBet), Ellseed)


oh wow nice to see rihito and Kz back
really missed them. I hope for great songs

I like this line-up :heartpulse:

support Ba.ずっきぃ (zukki) (ex-Varom Knights → HOLOH) performed with them at their first live

1.猫 (DISH)
2.六畳一間ノ隠リ唄 (VELBET)
4.カリスマ (MIZTAVLA)

Dr.Ryusei has departed on 6/4 as he is unable to balance his music activities and his job at the same time

meanwhile their new song, “ultimate” will be released in August

it has been released on 9/14

Ba.Yasuyuki Sato (佐藤康之) (ex-Anti「 」 (support) → SADISTIC (サディスティック) → Sadilna Lu’a Maiden → LIV’ERT → 6→7 → Linaria (support) → Linaria) has joined on 2022.09.30.

new song “Horizon” has been announced…

a new 4-track digital single will be released soon and their oneman live will be held on 11/16 at Higashi Koenji 20,000V…details tba

their new digital single, “Horizon” will be released in May

“Horizon” will be released on 5/6

S tickets for their oneman live have been sold out and Shoudouteki Carol have released a sample of one of the new songs that will be released as a thank you!

Love that Spider Lily mini from back in the day I’ll have to keep an eye on this