new band "解放区" (Kaihouku) has formed

session band “かえる場所” (Kaeru Basho) has changed to formal band “解放区” (Kaihouku) at their live at Shibuya 21 Seiki on 4/29. Their first oneman will be held at Higashi-Koenji Niman Denatsu on 6/9.


Vo.杏 (anzu) (ex-Reiryu (零流) → MARURU (マルル) , MARUCIA (マルシア) → DOWNER (ダウナー) → DOWNER → AYABIE support → ABOO → Kaeru Basho (かえる場所))
Gt.華那 (kana) (ex-ZAKURO (ザクロ) → CODOMO DRAGON (コドモドラゴン) → Kaeru Basho (かえる場所))
Gt.Milk (ex-Mikeneko DOKUROCK (三毛猫ドクロック) → SNUFKIN (スナフキン) → ABOO))
Ba.カゴメ (kagome) (ex-Reiryu (零流) → MARURU (マルル) , MARUCIA (マルシア) → DOWNER (ダウナー) → MASH AND SEY (support) → Kaeru Basho (かえる場所))
support Dr.hajime (ex-MONDAIJI!! (モンダイジ!!) → ADULT CHILDREN (アダルトチルドレン) → Lynoas → METAMON (メタモン) support , AQ℃ support , Kaeru Basho (かえる場所) support)


Hmmm I recognize some of those old band names from mid 2000s - 2010s.

Cautiously looking forward to hearing them…

I am so glad Anzu is getting involved, never tired of his voice !!!
Also the musicians line-up is solid.

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Interesting to see kana there. This line-up makes sense. I have a feeling this band might last long.