new band "Amarna" has formed

new symphonic metal band “Amarna” has formed and they are currently recruiting and holding auditions for potential vocalists, aiming to start activities this year. Applications will be accepted until 6/30 (today).

Key.RyO (ex-the Black Roses, RyO (solo) → Cadenza → project CODA)
Ba.勇次 (Yuji) (ex-Slaughter Cowboy → Dark Insanity, Lost Humanic → Dark Insanity, ALEVAS → currently in Dark Insanity)
Dr.Tomo (ex-the spangle dogs → currently in ALEVAS)


A symphonic metal band without a guitarist?


They’re also recruiting guitarists


I’ve only been seeing their ad for vocalists, but i do hope they’re hiring guitarists too lol

Their bassist wrote on his Twitter bio “V-SymphonicMetal Project【Amarna(仮)】ボーカル、ギタリスト募集中!”
Yeah, would be better with guitarists xD


they basically had a guitarist but he seceded at some point before he could be revealed

Thought this was posted on the forum but Vo.Hibari and Gt.Lihito have joined on 12/1 and they have commenced activities as a session band

These high notes…gurl…:woman_facepalming:

Well… He’s trying…



Oh hey, that demo track sounded kinda nice!

Gonna try to keep my eye on them.

on no, please take some vocal training

they look gorg and could serve as a good matenrou opera opening act, but those off-key undulations are legit demonic, in a very bad way.

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Hmmmm not bad! I wish they ditched the harsh vocals, but it’s just tolerable.

I don’t mind the off-key melodic vox tho, they give that extra charm. :joy:

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This isn’t actually that bad.

In the studio recordings, the vocals aren’t really that off-key at all. Perhaps he could hold back on the insane vibrato, though (lol).

That live video shows that he does need some vocal training. His problem is (I think) supporting notes with his throat rather than his diaphragm. This is stuff that can easily be fixed with a few lessons and a lot of daily practice.

Its not bad but i dislike the studio track then again these are demos. Id def curious on the full thing before anything.

I like their casual H&M kei visuals. Its a lot more posh than the others, the sound aint half bad, they do not look like they play that type of music.