new band "drizzle" has formed

new band “drizzle” has formed on 3/15 and they plan to release a collection of songs by the end of the year and will host a live in Tokyo. Details tba…

Vo.京極六都夢 (Kyougoku RotM) (ex.sirocma → Jilldre (ジルドレ) → RotM → RotM, Sarcastic → RotM, ALMA → Kuroi Senkou (黒い閃光) → Kuroi Senkou (黒い閃光) , ALMA → Kuroi Senkou (黒い閃光), RONDE → The Glint’s, RONDE)
Gt.山口雪乃 (Yukino Yamaguchi) (・.+☆ yukino_project ☆゜+.)
Ba.石田尚穂 (Tahoko Ishida)


I like the line up so far