new band "Ei:deL" has formed

new French visual kei band “Ei:deL” has formed and they have started activities on 11/11.

Vo.Light Akemi
Gt.Suzoh (Zaylem)
Dr.SHINTARO (ex-Omikuji (おみくじ) (support), RUGINA (ルギナ) (support) → HARIGANE MANSION (ハリガネマンション) → ANUBIS → Black★Cat (ぶらっく★きゃっと) → BLACK CAT → AIOLOST (アイヲロスト) → (arrested))

They have posted a cover of Dir en grey’s WAKE on Youtube.

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→ (arrested))


Just a reminder on the “→ (arrested))” part.

Light Akemi, or William Mangani is a French cover artist who has some SoundCloud stuff here: Stream Light Akemi music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud

Suzoh is also a French vk cover artist:

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Ei:deL new line-up for 2022:

Vocal & Guitar: Light
Bass: Netsu (SM)
Back Vocals & Keys: Zichxyna
Lead Guitars: Faust (SM)

New EP coming soon - 2 covers and 1 original song