New band "FENE" has formed

New band “FENE” (Far East New Era) has formed.

“FENE” members:
Vocal: 暦(Coyomi) (ex.Lydiar)
Guitar: SHOW. (ex.MALISEND) (formerly known as 雲雀-hibari)
Guitar: SENRI

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This is gunna be interesting. I wonder how much his vocals improved by O-o

This resembles more of an Adult Swim bumper than vk preview, lol. iirc Lydiar wasn’t half bad, this might be interesting.

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now bring the vocalist of malisend back plz!


We can only dream :confused:

1st single “DAWN” · TuneCore

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Oh man, is the BTS look starting to creep into JRock?

I like the song though, reminds me a lot of Yeti


lol, this is simply Japanese boyband sound.

This is more rock pop than jrock-tho.

Yesterday this was somehow a mystery related to Jrock, but they’re just a boy band. The song sounds good tho, but not to desperately track them down.

Wow, I happened to bump into these guys on Spotify and actually really like this! Relying solely on R&B is a first for a vkei band I think, but the catchiness is all there. Not too much overuse of English lyrics thankfully, which can be typical for this genre.

And to put it bluntly, the vocalist is just great. I’ll have to check his former band!

As for any visual concerns, I never minded what bands look like as long as I can stamp them as vkei and have them relevant in the scene and for discussion purposes when talking about bands, so I don’t mind that either. :blush:

I’m disappointed oh well it’s okay tho. Maybe they will do something like lmc or madna

Ba.KEIJI has joined at 2023/02/11.

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I cant believe the guitarist of malisend is in this band O_o