New Band GREEN3YED formed

Vocals - Sota (Graupel)
Guitar - Gen
Bass - Gabriel Hideki (Graupel)
Drums - Koki (VICTIMOFDECEPTION, Shadecarrier)


They announced their first live show already, gonna update the thread, when we get anything more.


Is this technically a super group?

Almost I guess.

Seeing the line up I suppose the composing will be done by Junpei, he also does the main composing from VOD.
Checking those guys Instagram stories, he mentioned it there, he is doing the composing and flyer design

And Graupel members (or ex-Graupel with Gen) I guess it’s something to do as long as Graupel isn’t operating :thinking:

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Maybe it’s my own fandom that considers Sota on Vocals and Junpei on guitar as a super group :sweat_smile: