New band "Indication" formed

We got a interesting line up

Vocal - Veron (ex- Crystal Lake)
Bass - Koba (Loyal to the Grave, BIRTHPLACE)
Drums - Keita (Sable Hills)

And they got already a release coming
It will be available for streaming at midnight japanese time

(I am accounting that we all have to wait for midnight in our own time zones)


It’s not awful. Definitely hardcore.

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The most awful thing about this is the name. One word thesaurus jargon doesn’t do well for search engine optimization.

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It’s pretty common in the more traditional hardcore scene to have a very basic plain bandname (not saying it’s a good thing, just stating the obvious). See also: Integrity, Strife, Trial, Sanction, Fury, Judge, Bane, etc.

The demo sounds okay! I expected a bit more seeing the Loyal to the Grave and Crystal Lake association, but so far so good/decent.


It is really cool to hear Kentaro screaming again, still got that amazing rough voice. However, for me, the song is unfortunately just boring :\

This is sick. Solid classic heavy hardcore stuff. Interested to see where they go from here.