New band "KNOW麺" (KNOW Men) has formed

New band “KNOW麺” (KNOW Men) has formed

Vo. コウキ (Kouki) a.k.a. KING
Gt. きなこ (Kinaco)
Ba. Abby
Dr. ららぽまん太 (Rarapo Manta)


I wondering who the vocalist could be… he erased his past on insta and twitter… so anyone a clue?
But what it was? youtube channel?

His past twitter handle name is: @NNIR__KOKI but I don’t know who he was?.. anybody a clue?
Guitarist seemed to be this guy:

^ It seems that after this project he moved into the world of visual kei under the name 聖.

Who has tweeted that original flyer?

Oh I just saw it…
I checked the session members, but seems nobody of them is part of this new band… at least I doubt so.

Vo.Kouki is ex-チクタク (chicktak) (as Sachi)

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