New band Petit Brabancon forms (feat. DIR EN GREY, MUCC members)

New band (side-project?) Petit Brabancon has formed and announced their first double-A-side digital single titled “刻 / 渇き” out on 2021/12/24.


  • voice: Kyo (DIR EN GREY)
  • guitar: Miya (MUCC)
  • guitar: antz (Tokyo Shoegazer)
  • bass: Hirofumi Takamatsu (THE NOVEMBERS)
  • drums: yukihiro (L’Arc~en~Ciel)


  1. 渇き
  2. OBEY

All songs composed by Miya, all lyrics written by Kyo.


bruh wtf is this name


what the fuck

I’m into it

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Oh, there’s a teaser too. It doesn’t sound like anything too exciting so far tho, we’ll see…


I love how their Twitter handle is “PetitBra”


btw based on an interview Kyo and yukihiro have been talking about doing something together for the past few years, so that’s how this project was originally conceived. For now they have about a dozen songs written, and style-wise they mentioned that all the band members enjoy '90s nu metal and alternative rock bands (Deftones, Korn and Alice in Chains were namedropped specifically), so that might be of some indication where this will be going.

Full Japanese interview here:


This is what EX-TAV should’ve been.

I’m always excited for a super-group given how rare they are in VK but it’s a bit disappointing that Miya composed all the tracks, not a knock against him but I was hoping there would be more variety in the songwriting.


NO FUCKING KYOPERA is this even real, omg???

this explains no lockdown album from Deg, I guess

Is that Keith Flint on Kyo’s shirt?

Their first “premium live” takes place on Jan 14th, a ticket is 30,000 Yen and there are only 29 tickets and all of the seats are on second floor. What are they planning?

Earning studio money. :money_mouth_face:


To be fair, it’s not that much if there are only 29 tickets.
29*30,000 Yen = 870,000 Yen (Around 6.800 USD)
Club Citta has a capacity of 1300 people. If they sold that out, a ticket would have to be 5 USD to equal that amount.

Ewwww not Yukihiro!

Something interesting and new for 2022. I’m here for it.

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I’m very hyped for the lesser deg clones to ruffle their feathers and hiss looking at that gig attendance price, can’t wait for Mao and Mizuki in particular to come back with a bunch of daizystripper, gregory and rubber sole bandmen in a band called KAIJUPEKINGESE


I was gonna be really careful making that assumption but since you mentioned, he could do away with it in this band. Will he though?

I hope all their songs are about dogs.


Kyo needs money to support his doggo, I guess.
Teaser sounds boring, but maybe at least 1 song out of 3 will be alright.


o fuck, those heels!!!