New band SONS OF LIBERTY has formed

New look:

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I like the MGS tech elements.

Yes, SOL!!!Come thru with the dated synths, bedroom quality production, and mediocre vocals.

They’ve composed yet another masterpiece.

Not being sarcastic. It’s like so bad it’s good. I’m here for it.

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I had too much time on my hands and looked up the binary on the top of the cover and it translates to N/A which is kinda funny, However, I’m too lazy to convert the hexadecimal on the bottom any time soon.

Nice, I enjoy what I’ve heard from them so far although I still prefer DictavE, especially aesthetically.

I can’t XD. In 2:27 Clan’s strap fell off and scenes from this shoot repeats during first chorus.


I noticed that too and he just kept going, and they didn’t think to reshoot it. I guess it adds a little personality and shows off his goofy personality.


^ they have released their new digital single, “AMBIVALENT” on 12/25

I actually love that these guys don’t take themselves seriously at all. The music isn’t anything exceptional but it’s catchy enough that I kind of dig it.

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