New band SONS OF LIBERTY has formed

New Band

2021.01.13 池袋BlackHole
V-Style Free Magazine「BLACK VISION Vol.14」


Voc MIZUKI (ex DictavE as mizki)

Gut itsuk!

Bass クラン Clan (ex Anthurium as Yuya)


Coming Soon 1st EP 2021


I came into this expecting to meme on the silly name but I liked the song and the vocalist sounds great so I’m interested in what they can bring for sure.


This is not what I expected them to sound like based on their name and look. I don’t know if I dig the mumblecore rap stuff, but the rest is surprisingly decent, as long as they tone down on the synth and get better drum samples.


I was fully expecting it to be a leather goth spectacle tbh

I was thinking we’d either get some bosozoku group or the exact opposite with a K-pop inspired something or other.

Solidus Snake approves



what I was expecting: a Southern rock band made of white guys, what the fuck are they doing here
what I got: trapkei


sound good tho


Awesome, sounds like a continuation of Dictave’s sound, my only real issue with it is that the name invokes images of rednecks in my mind.

Me too, but that’s because that band already exists in some shape of form, and considering recent events I thought this might be about that. That “band” however is John Shcaffer of Iced Earth fame, perhaps better known as one of the many morons who stormed the Capitol, has a band under that name with lyrical themes about conspiracy theories among other themes.

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Didn’t listen to that side project of Shcaffer, but some of the Iced Earth and Demons & Wizards albums are pretty good to be fair.

Oh dear. That’s problematic…

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Oh I know :sob::sob: I was hoping yankii kei was about to be a thing but nope we get more K-pop dudes

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to me it was pretty … bad ^^’

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Oh God that sounds horrendous. Also that Photoshop…vocalist’s head is half the size of his mocassins (without socks, something I cannot forgive)

That’s not Photoshop, it’s foreshortening. Only 'shopping I can see here is colour correction, contrast/levels/curves heightening, some sharpening, and smoothing out the skin.

While there’s no way to truly know, he may be wearing ‘no-show’ socks. This is most likely the case, as shoes without socks is a great way to get blisters.

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yeah, but we’ve already had a band called “MEME”.

I really hope bands could have more special names since it’s easy to google. really hate bands’ names like, “It”, “Grind”, “Dismal”, “Atlas”, “O”, “Ade”, “Dead”, etc. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus is much better! :rofl:

Its time to ride the hype for this DictavE was amazing :love_you_gesture:

What in the Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas x nu-DIMLIM x SATSUKI solo career is this?
I like it.